2023 Calendar Templates

This page is dedicated to all of our free printable 12-month 2023 calendar templates! Each set of calendar templates for the new year comes as a 12-page PDF size 8.5″x11″ (unless otherwise noted).

Downloading is super quick and really easy! within just a few minutes you’ll have yourself a dated 2023 calendar printable that you can print from wherever you want whenever you need! You can print all of the calendar pages at once, or you can print one page at a time as a new month starts! Just be sure to keep the file somewhere you can readily access it… or just come back here!

Individual Months

If you would also like to browse our individual monthly calendars for the 2023 year feel free to do so! We have different fun designs for each month of the year. You can find the links in the menu above or you can use the links below:

If you are looking for some fun additions to these 2023 calendar templates, hop on over to browse our full moon calendars for 2023!

What Your 2023 Calendar Template File Includes

Each of the 2023 calendar templates includes a 12-page PDF file. These are awesome for keeping on any device because you can open the file and print the pages you need whenever you’re near your own printer or a local printer. Each of the pages is either 8.5″x11″ or 11″x8.5″ (both letter-sized).

How to Use Your 2023 Calendar Templates

Downloading and using the files is super easy and takes less than a few minutes. First, just pick the templates you want to download and click the “download” button under each.

Once you’re done browsing, locate the files in your downloads folder. Then you can either print all 12 pages of the PDF at once or just print the months you need and save the PDF somewhere you can access it later when you need to print more pages!

Lastly, fill in your important events and dates for the 2023 year!

Black and White 2023 Calendar Templates

This 12-page calendar template is simple yet fun with its adorable text. The black and white color palette leaves room for customization with your own colorful pens and stickers since there is no color theme you’ll have to try to match!

Printable 2023 Calendar Template Pages

Another simple black-and-white template set for 2023 with a different font! I will try to include as many font variations as I can so you can find a template set for the new year that perfectly matches your planning style!

12 calendar pages with the months written at the top

Calendar Templates for the 2023 Year

Download this calendar set for 2023 for your planner, journal, home, office, or school!

12-Month Calendar Templates for 2023

Another set of calendar templates for the new year! I love this set with its thin lines and simple design! These work great for those planners that have simple elegant designs. Print them and add them to your printable planner templates today.

Fun 2023 Calendar Printables

These 2023 calendar printables are super fun with their unique titles! You can even color them in if you’d like! If you happen to be looking for more color in your calendars, then keep scrolling. I’ll be moving on to different color and design options below!

Purple 2023 Calendar Printable

Looking to add just a little bit of color to your planner or calendar? This purple 2023 calendar option might be just what you’re looking for! If not, I’ve added quite a few different color variations below!

Pink Printable 2023 Calendar Printable

Is pink more your color? This printable pink 2023 calendar printable will give you pink vibes all year long! I love this one because it’s super cute all on its own, but it also goes well with the purple designs above. If you download both of the printables then you can mix and match throughout the year.

Orange 2023 Printable Calendar Template

Orange calendar templates for the 2023 year! These also go really well with the colors above and it adds one more color to your collection of printable calendar templates!

Green 2023 PDF Calendar Templates

One more color to add to your calendar collection for the year 2023! Feel free to download each of these colors so you have them all on hand and you can decide as you go each month!

Light Blue 2023 Calendar Templates Printable

Light blue calendar templates for you to print at home or a local printer to prepare yourself for the new year of 2023!

Dark Blue Calendar Templates 2023

If light blue isn’t your thing, here’s a dark blue option for printable calendar templates!

Undated Calendar Templates

If you like leaving a little more room for creativity while filling in the dates yourself you can check out our blank calendar templates. If you find a calendar template you like you can use it for 2023 and each year after! You can find them in our menu or jump to the page here.

Weekly Calendar Templates

Once you’re done downloading all of the dated monthly templates you want for the 2023 year, be sure to browse our 2023 weekly calendar section! What I love about these weekly calendars is they come with mini monthly calendars for the 2023 year so you can stay on track when planning your monthly pages and your weekly pages.

Fun Holidays 2023

We all know about the typical holidays that are added to calendars every single year, but don’t forget about the silly fun holidays for 2023! You can add them to your calendar to help break up the monotony and have fun days to look forward to throughout the year. Timeanddate.com has a really great list of fun holidays for you to reference.

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