April 2023 Calendar Templates

These April 2023 calendar templates are completely free and you can download and print them within minutes! The dates are specifically filled out for the month of April 2023, but if you’d rather download the entire year at once, feel free to browse our 2023 calendar template collection.

If you like to fill out the dates yourself after finding a design you love and want to reuse each month, our blank calendar template section might be for you!

What Comes with Your April 2023 Calendar Templates

Each April 2023 calendar template comes as a 1-page PDF file. Each is 8.5″x11″ (letter-sized) and can be printed on any letter-sized paper appropriate for your printer.

How to Download and Print your Calendars

Downloading and printing the below April calendars is easy and super quick! All you have to do is click the button under each of the templates you want, locate the PDF file in your downloads and open it, then go to file and print! You can print as many as you need so you have one for home, school, and work!

April 2023 Calendar Template

This simple April 2023 calendar template comes with space to write your important dates as well as a notes section at the bottom. You can print one and put it in your printable planner and you can print another to keep on your desk!

Printable Calendar April 2023

This printable calendar for April 2023 comes in a soft green color. The notes section at the bottom allows you to have your important dates and any other information you need to remember for April all on one page!

April 2023 Calendar to Print

This cute light blue April 2023 calendar to print is the perfect template to add to your planner! Or, if you don’t use a planner you can just use the page on your desk, corkboard, or fridge!

April 2023 PDF Calendar Template

Another perfect color for an April 2023 PDF calendar template! Remember you don’t have to just choose one! Download the purple April calendar for your planner, the blue one for work, and the black and white one for your classroom. Feel free to download them all if you’d like!

Printable Calendar Template for April 2023

This black and white horizontal printable calendar template for April 2023 is the perfect template to add to any printable planner! Or if you’d rather use it as a desk calendar, it’s perfect for that too!

April 2023 Template Calendar

April 2023 Template Calendar in another adorable color option! Print and keep yourself on track for the new month of April!

April 2023 Template Calendar PDF

Start the new month with this pretty purple calendar for April of 2023! The dates are already filled in for you so all you have to do is download, print, and start using!

Your Attractive Heading


Green April Calendar Template for 2023

A dark green April calendar template for you to download for the 2023 year! Print one for you and one for a friend! You can print this as your April planner cover page so you have all the things you need to do in April on one page that you can glance at whenever you need!

April 2023 Calendar PDF

Start your April with this fun circle font! All you need to do is print and fill out your important info for the month of April 2023.

purple April 2023 calendar with circle letters

Previous 2023 Calendar Templates

If you’re here early and missed seeing the first few months of the 2023 year you can either find them in the menu above, OR you can check the links below.

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