Monthly Calendars

This page is dedicated to our collection of blank monthly calendars! Blank monthly calendar printables are great because once you have them, you can use them each month over and over! I especially love this when I find a specific design that I love and don’t want to stop using it when the month is over!

All you have to do is download the calendar templates, print them, and fill in the dates! I also have a template option for those of you who like to fill in the month in your own handwriting as well. You can find that template on the last page of each of the PDFs.

What Comes With Your Calendar Templates:

Each blank monthly calendar template below comes with a Sunday start option and a Monday start option.

Each file comes as an 8.5″x11″ 13-page PDF. The pages included in the calendar templates are:

-Blank January Calendar Printable.

-Blank February Calendar Printable.

-Blank March Calendar Printable.

-Blank April Calendar Printable.

-Blank May Calendar Printable.

-Blank June Calendar Printable.

-Blank July Calendar Printable.

-Blank August Calendar Printable.

-Blank September Calendar Printable.

-Blank October Calendar Printable.

-Blank November Calendar Printable.

-Blank December Calendar Printable.

Blank monthly calendar template with a blank space at the top for you to fill the month in with your own handwriting.

How to Use Your Blank Monthly Calendars:

The instructions for each of the templates below will be the same unless otherwise noted. Downloading is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Use the download button under each of the templates you wish to download.
  • Find your 13-page PDF file in your downloaded files folder.
  • Open the PDF.
  • Print the month you want to use or print the 13th page if you want the top to be left blank so you can fill in the month name yourself. You can also just print all of the pages at once and be prepared for the whole year!
  • Use the blank calendar templates as they are or add them to a binder or planner after 3-hole punching them!
  • Fill in the dates and start using your calendar printables!

Blank Calendar Templates Set

This blank calendar template set comes with 13 pages (one page per month and a blank one for you to write the month in yourself.

monthly calendars in black and white

Blank Calendar Printables

These blank calendar printables are awesome to keep in your files! Whenever you need a blank calendar for the month just open your PDF, go to the month you need, and print! Take a look at the other colors below if you want to mix and match and create a colorful calendar planner for the year!

blue printable monthly calendars

Purple Calendar Printable Templates

These purple templates for each day of the month come undated so you can write your own dates in. I love these because you can save the file and reuse it each month and each year!

purple calendar printables with the months written at the top

Pink Printable Monthly Calendar 8.5 x 11

This pink printable monthly calendar (8.5″x11″) is the perfect calendar to add to a pink-themed planner or journal! You can also print them and hang them on the fridge, in the office, or at school!

Printable Blank 12-Month Calendar

A printable blank 12-month calendar template with a fun simple design.

Green, Purple, and Blue Blank Calendar Template

This fun colorful calendar template will help keep you on track without the boring typical designs of a monthly calendar printable! See other color combos below for you to add to your monthly calendar collection! Start a folder “Blank Calendar Templates” to keep all of these designs in so you have options each and every month!

Monthly Calendar Templates

Add some pink, orange, and yellow to your calendar planning! Remember, these calendar templates are blank so once your download your PDF you can print a new one whenever you need any month of any year going forward! You can change the style you use each and every month and come back to check for new designs to add to your templates.

Pink, Purple, and Blue Calendar Monthly Printables

Add these colors to the designs above and create a yearly calendar planner with different colors by mixing and matching the designs! If you’d like to write the month yourself, use the last page of the calendar PDF to write the month in your own handwriting!

Dated Calendar Templates

If you’d prefer calendar templates with the dates filled in already you can check by month in the menu at the top of the page, or you can start here with 2023-dated calendars!

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