Perpetual Calendar Templates

Perpetual calendar templates are great to add to your yearly planning! They have so many uses, and their versatility makes them one of my favorite planning templates!

How to Download Your Calendar Templates

Browse through the different perpetual calendar templates below and pick your favorites. Click the button under each item you want, then find the PDFs in your downloads folder. Keep the file all year long and print the pages as you go or print all 12 at once so you are ready to go for the whole year!

Different Ways to Use Perpetual Calendars

Perpetual calendars are great because they are so open-ended and can be used over and over each year! You can use them for so many different things when planning. Here are a few of my favorites:

Birthday Calendars

Never miss a birthday again! Use the perpetual calendar templates as a way to track birthdays for everyone in your life! You can keep a little binder and fill out everyone’s birthday as you go and have one place to check each month for upcoming birthdays. If you are looking for a perpetual calendar that is specifically just for birthdays, I have created one just for that. You can find it in the article. “Printable Birthday Calendar”.

Gratitude Journaling

You can use these calendars for gratitude journaling! Because there is a space for each day of the year you can do something like “one thing I’m grateful for each day”.

Rainbow Perpetual Calendar Template

Download this rainbow perpetual calendar template and use it to keep track of appointments, important events, birthdays, and more!

Black and White Perpetual Calendar

These perpetual calendar templates leave plenty of room for creativity with their simple black-and-white design! Fill them in with your own colors for that month or just leave it as is if you like!

Light Blue Monthly Calendar Template

This light blue design can be added to a planner you already have or it can be used as a stand-alone file for whatever you may need a perpetual calendar for!

Monthly Perpetual Calendar Template

Monthly perpetual calendar templates for your planner or journal! Use it for birthdays, gratitude, work, school, or home!

Free Perpetual Calendar Printable

Use this perpetual calendar to plan ahead for the whole year! You can mark down birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and any other important dates you need to remember!

Printable Perpetual Calendar Templates Advantages

There are so many advantages to using printable perpetual calendars. Here are a few of my favorites:


Having a perpetual calendar PDF in your files is super convenient because it allows you to print your calendar whenever you need it! You don’t need to get in your car and drive to the store. You can just open the file, hit print, and you’re good to go! You can print a new page if you mess up or need a fresh copy, which is also super convenient.


The versatility of perpetual calendars is pretty awesome too. You can print them at home, in the classroom, or at work. You can use them for birthdays, appointments, anniversaries, and any other important dates you need to keep track of for the year.


Most printables are low-cost or free (like the ones here on this page)! You can’t get any more cost-effective than that! You will need a sheet of paper for your printer and a little bit of ink when you print your calendars, but overall, you really can’t beat the price of these free templates!


When you use these printable perpetual calendars, you are printing exactly what you need when you need it and nothing more! This helps reduce the waste of paper and resources.

Dated Calendars

If you’re looking for dated 2023 calendars to go with these perpetual calendars go and browse the collection and download the ones you like!

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