Printable Birthday Calendar with rainbow color cells and the months of the year at the top

Printable Birthday Calendar

This free printable birthday calendar will help you keep track of all the birthdays of those closest to you. Never forget another birthday again!

You can use these birthday calendars on their own or add them to an existing birthday planner.

Printable Birthday Calendar – What’s Included

Your printable birthday calendar template comes as a 12-page PDF. This means you can save it to any device and print a new copy of the month you need whenever you need it. Keeping track of your friends and your family’s birthdays has never been easier.

How to Use Your Printable Birthday Calendar

Using this simple birthday calendar is super easy. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Click the download printable birthday calendar under the photo below.

  2. Go to your downloads folder on your device.

  3. Open the birthday calendar PDF.

  4. Go to file, then print.

  5. Print the birthday calendar templates.

  6. Optional: three-hole-punch the birthday calendars and add them to a binder. You can also laminate so your birthday calendar templates last forever!

Why Use Birthday Calendars

Using birthday calendar templates is a great way to stay organized when it comes to keeping track of all the birthdays that happen throughout an entire year. The great thing about having a birthday calendar is the fact that you can write down someone’s birthday, and then you never have to update the birthday calendar again because… well everyone’s birthday is the same every single year. You can just add new birthdays as you meet new people!

Different Ways to Use a Birthday Calendar Template

You can use a birthday calendar for a variety of different settings. You can use it at home as a family birthday calendar, in the office as a work birthday calendar, or in the classroom as a student birthday calendar!

Because the printable birthday calendars come in PDF format, you can save and print as many as you need for each of the above settings.

Other Calendar Templates

If you are looking for other printable calendar options, be sure to check the menu above! Keep track of important dates with a daily, weekly, monthly, or, yearly calendar

Perpetual Calendar Templates

If you like the perpetual calendar design, but want to use it for more than just birthdays, you can find some perpetual calendar templates that don’t say “birthdays” at the top. This way you can use them for other important dates throughout the year such as meetings, appointments, or anniversaries!

12 rainbow calendars each with the months of the year at the top

How Can I Make a Birthday Calendar?

If you would like to make your own design you can use a program like Canva, which is a super easy online graphic design tool. You could also use a program like Affinity Publisher (which is what I use to make most of my printable calendar templates, including the printable birthday calendar in this article).

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