full moon calendars 2023

Printable Full Moon Calendars 2023

This collection of full moon calendars for 2023 is a must-have for those of you closely tracking the 13 full moons of the new year! Hang it on your wall or place it in your planner to be able to see the dates and names of each of the 2023 full moons.

Once you are done browsing all the full moon calendars, be sure to check out our 2023 calendar templates!

Full Moon Calendar – What’s Included?

Each of the full moon calendars is available to download as a PDF. They come in US letter size, which is 8.5″x11″, so any type of letter-sized paper should work just fine.

How to Use your Printable Full Moon Calendars 2023

Feel free to browse the collection below and download any and all of the 2023 full moon calendars. Downloading and printing them is easy. Just follow these easy steps:

-Click on the download link under each of the moon calendars you want.

-Find the PDFs in your downloads.

-Open the full moon calendars in a PDF viewer.

-Go to file, then select print.

NOTE- If you don’t have a printer, you can always save the full moon calendar to your device and reference it digitally! You can also screenshot it from your phone and save it to your gallery so you can look at it whenever you need!

Pink 2023 Full Moon Calendar

Download this 2023 full moon calendar for you to reference digitally or printed! Feel free to download all of the colors in the collection and place them in different places so you never miss a full moon!

Full Moon Calendar PDF for the Year 2023

This printable is the same as the design above but in another color! That way you can pick a color you like best for keeping track of the moons in 2023. Keep this list somewhere handy so you can take a peek at it whenever you need.

Green List of Full Moons for 2023

This list of full moons comes on a pretty light-green background. You can mix and match with the colors above and have full moon lists in your planner, in your home, or at work. Print a different color for each of those places to make it exciting!

Blue Full Moon List PDF

Start your 2023 with the blue full moon list! Hang it on the wall or keep it on your cell phone to look at whenever you need it! Never miss any of the 13 full moons coming in the year 2023!

Lunar Calendar with Full Moon Schedule

If you would rather your full moon schedule come with a yearly lunar calendar as well, you’re in luck! I have them in the same color combinations as the collection on this page! Check my article “Printable 2023 Full Moon Schedule with Lunar Calendar” to view and download them!

Printable 2023 Full Moon Schedule with Lunar Calendar


I hope these printable full moon calendars for 2023 are helpful and bring a little joy to your space! Let me know your favorites as well as any ideas you have for different calendar templates you’d like to see here at blankcalendartemplates.com!

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