Weekly Calendars

These blank weekly calendars are awesome to have because you can print one each week every single week forever! There are no dates meaning you get to use the below weekly templates whenever you need! Just fill in the dates and your weekly schedule and you’re good to go.

If you’d like a blank weekly calendar template with 2023 mini monthly calendars, we have those for you to download as well!

What’s Included with Your Weekly Calendars

Each of the below blank weekly calendar templates comes as a 1-page PDF sized 8.5″11″ (letter-size). This is a file type that you can keep on any device such as your phone, tablet, or computer. This is super convenient because you can print the weekly template when you need from wherever you are (as long as you are near a printer that is.).

How to Download and Print the Weekly Calendars

Downloading and printing easy and super quick. All you have to do is click the download button underneath each of the templates you want. Then find the template PDFs in your downloads folder and go to file, then print. You can save the file to whichever device you are using so when you are ready to plan a new week you can print a new sheet!

This Week – Free Printable Calendar PDF

This black and white free printable calendar PDF is a great way to keep all your weekly tasks in one place. There is a section for each day of the week and large notes section for you to keep track of any tasks, reminders, to-do items, or any other important piece on information for your week.

It’s not dated, so you can reuse this blank weekly calendar by printing a new sheet whenever you need.

blank weekly calendars with "this week" written at the top

Blue Blank Weekly Calendar Template

Add this blue blank weekly calendar template to your planner if you use our other templates such as our blank daily templates and our blank monthly templates, or just use the template as it is and put it on your fridge or on your desk.

Free Printable Calendar for the Week

This free printable calendar for the week comes in a fun purple color to spruce up your planner or planning space! Print your copy at the beginning of the week and fill it out so you can keep yourself on track while jotting down any notes you need in the notes section. If you want to really get ahead, print one for each week of the month and place them all in your planner or in a binder and predate them.

purple free printable calendar

Pink Weekly Planner Page Template

This pink weekly planner page will add some super fun color to your weekly planner! Use it in combination with the other color options from this page to really make your planner pop with cute colors!

Orange Weekly Calendars Template

Looking for more weekly calendars to add to your weekly calendar template collection? This orange template is a little different than the typical colors you might find while browsing for planner templates, but it’s cute AND functional! Add it to your blank calendar templates folder today!

Green This Week PDF Template

Green! This awesome green weekly calendar is cute just as it-is or it can be paired with any of the precious colors to make a fun weekly/monthly planner binder. Be sure to click the download button below to add it to your weekly calendars collection.

Weekly PDF Planner Page

If you prefer a different font than the one in the previous templates, this might be the weekly template for you! If not, be sure to keep looking as I plan to add as many designs as possible for you to add to your planning templates! If you need to reference dates and holidays while you’re doing your weekly planning, I recommend using timeanddate.com!

Weekly Calendar Page

This weekly calendar page comes in a unique earthy color! I absolutely love this color for my weekly planning. Print and three-hole-punch before adding it to binder sized for 8.5″x11″ documents.

Pink This Week Weekly Calendar Printable

This soft pink orchid color weekly calendar is so adorable and the perfect template to add to any weekly planner. Add this one to your weekly calendars folder and use it it in the springtime or any other time this color would bring you joy!

Blank Weekly Calendar Templates

A soft green blank weekly calendar that pairs nicely with the design directly above. You can print a few of each and switch between two throughout the month to make a lovely color combo for your weekly planner!

Ways to Use Blank Weekly Calendars

There are SO many great ways to use blank weekly calendars! You can even print a few for the same week and use them for different areas in your life. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use these printable blank weekly calendars:

  • Meal planner and grocery list.
  • Gratitude journaling.
  • Weekly to-do lists.
  • Weekly school assignment planning.
  • Work meeting planner.
  • Weekly content planning.
  • Social media planning.
  • Weekly journaling.


If you can’t tell, blank weekly calendars are one of my favorite planning tools! They are evergreen as there aren’t any dates so I can use them this week and I can use them years in the future. They are designed in a way that they can be used for any type of weekly planning (refer to the list above for some ideas) and you can use as many as you need during the week. Sometimes I print one for my to-do list, one for my meal planning, and one for my more typical day to day planning!

I hope you enjoy these blank weekly calendars and are able to find many many uses for them over the years!

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